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Alcohols are made from natural sources, like, fruit and vegetables. The alcohol that is sold and ingested by people everyday is the same stuff, at a lesser strength, that is used to fuel cars. Thats right, the new fuel E 85 is made from corn, the same thing that whiskey and bourbon are made of. Just like the alcohol content in wine is usually around 13 percent, E 85 on the other hand is 85 percent alcohol (15 percent gasoline). One is made from grapes the other corn. An alcohol that is sold in most places, Bacardi 151, is flammable when exposed to an open flame. Denatured alcohol (An ingredient used to make methamphetamines), which is used for fuel, cleaner and/or paint thinner, is a blend of ethanol and methanol that is made from corn extract also. Drinkable alcohol is 40 percent alcohol most of the time. Many of the alcohols are made of corn/cornmeal or a grain. Rum is made from sugarcane. The process involved includes heat, pressure and whatever vegetable or fruit being cooked for extraction. That is how methamphetamines got the beginning of it's name, from the chemical methanol, an alcohol used in making meth. Ephedrine consists of similar ingredients that methamphetamines and amphetamines are made.

These web-pages include actual chemical formulas on how to make the different ephedrines (The key ingredient in street meth and amphetamines).