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This website focuses on methamphetamines and amphetamines and how they are used in the medical world. These clinical uses in the medical world can actually give those meth users significant reasons for why they might be using. Also, I have recently discovered that there are stimulants out there, especially in Sacramento, Ca. that contain ephedrine in their ingredients. These recipes that contain ephedrine make these substances no longer a methamphetamine, technically, so it would not be illegal or a controlled substance which would make it a new substance. Creating a new substance is not illegal to possess or use. The F.D.A. says that what matters the most is what you say your substance is going to do or cure. If you say it will cure something then it is categorized as a drug and then the F.D.A. can step in and regulate your invention. If you want to sell your new idea then you will need a business license and report your earnings to the department of revenue in your local area.