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I am not a religious man and didn't believe in God until about three years ago when god came to me. I always believed in the Devil and evil spirits at times but as explained to me God and The Devil come together. Since coming into my life I can say that not much has changed with what's important to me but as far as trying to figure everything out that can't be explained I don't do that anymore. Somethings are done God's way and that is the way it will stay until he/she changes them. God came to me when I was at a give up point in my life, I lost a beautiful girl that I wanted back so bad that I would do anything for. I lost my car (Essentially due to no license), job, place to stay, bank account, some friends and was addicted to crystal meth and alcohol. I had no hope or reason except one, I was the smartest and most powerful person on Earth (So I thought).

I knew anything and what I didn't know I could learn and was proud of it to. I would get all that stuff back and more as soon as I figured out a way to apply my intelligence in a way that I would profit. Yeah, I had it all figured out (Crystal meth is a hell of a drug). One of the first things God said to me is don't give up on your girl, I put you two together for a reason and for another reason split you up but don't give up. You see at this point in my life I had three things going for me, one, my family, two, the reliability of crystal meth, three, the hopes of getting my girl back (Her name is Lexi). Even though I was so smart (Smartest on Earth) things didn't look too good on the surface but in my head was a totally different story. In no time I would be rich and famous and
everything would be fine. That was when God got my attention and let me know who was in charge. He/she knew everything I knew and didn't yet. God could do anything and
he/she showed me how. I talked to God and he talked to me it was amazing. I didn't tell any one I was talking to God because I was on crystal meth and they would think I was crazy, right? Well, God let me know that I was a part of something amazing and that I didn't know everything but don't stop trying to figure it out, God liked my determination. Through God I came up with the idea for this Website even though I knew nothing about computers let alone Web design but with my determination I built it. I know its not the most amazing thing but it gets the job done which is to translate what I have learned for the purpose to help people. If I get rich along the way that's
fine. I still don't have a license, car, job, too much money and my ex-girlfriend hates me but I think that's how God want's it right now. To hear more craziness please begin reading the rest of my Website. Oh, as for the Devil he/she is here to tempt you and make you do things you don't want to but it's all good because it all helps you learn and build character. Plus God will prevail in the end.